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GNS Pakistan Dates & Dry Fruit Company is one of the leading dates & dry fruit suppliers in Pakistan. The Company is a part of GNS Pakistan Group from Karachi, Pakistan involved in mainly Dates Processing and Dates Export Business of all dates types and their products produced in Pakistan including Aseel Dates, Dry Dates, Pitted Dates, Diced Dates, Chopped Dates, Date Paste, Date Sugar, and other dates related food products.

Dates Price in Pakistan

We offer most suitable wholesale bulk dates price in Pakistan. Get current price of dates. Our rates are comparatively lowest for all types of dates (Khajoor) and related products.

Our Group’s Brief Introduction

GNS Pakistan Group is also one of the largest Dates Suppliers and Exporters in Pakistan. The group being the Leading Dates Supplier in Pakistan has also been maintaining its key position in the top 5 ranks of Global Major Dates Suppliers for the last 3 years.

Product Portfolio

The Date Fruit

Dates are rich in nutritional value and an instant source of energy. Date Fruit is known by different names in various parts of the world. For instance, date fruit is called Fakihat Al-tamar in Arabic, Khajoor in Urdu/Hindi, Zǎo Guǒ in Chinese, Fruit de Datte in French, Dattel-Frucht in German, Buah Kurma Indonesian/Malay, Frutto di Dattero in Italian, Dētsu no Kudamono in Japanese, Miveye Khurma in Persian, Fruta de Dátil in Spanish and Hurma Meyvesi in Turkish.

Aseel Dates

Aseel Dates, also known as the best quality Pakistani Dates, are grown in the Khairpur District of Sindh Province, Pakistan.

Pakistani Aseel Dates

Pakistani Aseel Dates, whether dry or fresh, are known for their sweetness and long shelf life, lasting more than two years. Aseel Dates are regarded as premium dates from Pakistan. These dates are available in various forms, including raw, pitted, diced, chopped, paste, and powder.

Corporate Souvenir Gift Box of Aseel Dates - GNS Pakistan
Corporate Souvenir Gift Box of Aseel Dates – GNS Pakistan

Aseel Dry Dates

Aseel Dry Dates (Chuara) are not only delicious but also highly nutritious, containing primarily carbohydrates along with natural vitamins and minerals. They are consumed in both raw and powdered form. The dry dates (Chuara) are often distributed as a delicacy or treat during social and religious ceremonies. Besides, dry dates are associated with numerous health benefits and are believed to help prevent various diseases.

Aseel Pitted Dates

Aseel Pitted Dates, also known as Seedless Dates, is a sweet and delicious snack. They provide instant energy to the body as they are rich in natural nutrients. We offer Aseel Pitted Dates in different grades (A, B, C / Select, GAQ, FAQ / Industrial, Baking) to bulk/wholesale buyers.

Aseel Diced Dates

Aseel Diced Dates are small pieces of dates manufactured under hygienic conditions and in compliance with food safety standards. These, Aseel Diced Dates & Chopped Dates are often mixed with nuts and other dried fruits, and they are commonly consumed as part of breakfast due to their nutritional value.

Aseel Date Paste

Aseel Date Paste is made from the best quality soft dates. It can be used as a natural fruit spread or as an ingredient in energy bars. Aseel Date Paste is also used in smoothies, pastries, and other bakery items. It is gluten-free, nut-free, and naturally vegan.

Aseel Date Powder

Aseel Date Powder is a substitute for white sugar and serves as a natural sweetener for coffee, tea, various food products, and desserts. Our team specializes in manufacturing Date Powder from the finest quality dry dates. This, Aseel Date Powder is also referred to as Date Sugar.

Aseel Date Syrup

Aseel Date Syrup is similar to natural honey and can be used as a substitute for white sugar or as a natural sweetener in coffee, tea, various food products, and desserts. In fact, our team specializes in manufacturing Date Syrup from the best quality Aseel dates. Aseel Date Syrup is also known as Date Honey.

Leading Dates Suppliers in Pakistan

GNS Pakistan is a Certified supplier specializing in dry dates, pitted dates, diced dates, date paste, and date powder. Besides, GNS Pakistan is one of the best-certified suppliers of Aseel dates from Pakistan.

Market Outreach

GNS Pakistan has always been a top choice of buyers for Pitted Dates, Diced Dates, Date Paste, and other dates-related products and ingredients. As a matter of fact, the customer base of GNS Pakistan is widely spread all over the world mainly USA, UK, UAE, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Germany, Netherlands, and other EU Countries.

Core Team

GNS Dates Pakistan’s core team of professionals possesses sound academic credentials in Business, Agriculture, Production Management, Food Technologies & Microbiology, Industrial Chemistry, and Law.

The Group Sponsors

The main forte of the group is a strong strategic partnership with leading dates and fruit suppliers. The group is also holding interests in the food processing industry and commodities trading in the USA, UK, EU, and UAE.

GNS Group Sponsors inherit the business of dates and textiles having a centuries-old heritage of Indus Valley Civilization.

GNS Dates Farm
GNS Dates Farm

The sponsors of GNS Pakistan also own Dates Farms which were planted by the family in the late 1930s at Therhi Khairpur, Sindh. For the last couple of years, the group is endeavoring to introduce and adopt modern agriculture farming techniques and processing methods at the Dates Farms and Factory located in District Khairpur, Sindh.

Dates Buyers

In fact, GNS Pakistan holds the largest customer portfolio comprising leading top-rated global buyers. The customer portfolio mainly comprises buyers from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Türkiye (Turkey), UAE, Germany, and other countries of the EU, Asia, and Africa.

Dates Processing Plant – Dates Factory

GNS Pakistan is a leading date processing company in Pakistan, with a state-of-the-art processing plant. The setup is located in Therhi Town, District Khairpur, Sindh. The plant is equipped with advanced technology, including fully automatic metal detection scanning machines. The dates selected for processing are graded or categorized according to FAQ, GAQ, Industrial, High, A, B, and C grades/categories.


The processing plant is ISO certified by a reputable and renowned inspection firm, and the products are also Kosher & Halal certified.

GNS Pakistan has implemented HACCP in its production facilities, and its skilled workforce operates with hygienic methods while treating dates in different processes.

As a food-certified supplier and exporter, GNS Pakistan specialized in premium Aseel Dates, BJ Dates, T-Mix Dates, Dry Dates, Pitted Dates, Diced Dates, Date Paste, and Date Powder. GNS Pakistan’s customer base is spread worldwide, including countries such as the USA, UK, UAE, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Germany, the Netherlands, and other EU countries.

Statement of Vision, Mission & Values

  • GNS Pakistan was established with a vision to create value for customers and a mission to contribute to society.
  • GNS Pakistan endeavors to make a positive impact on poverty alleviation and women’s empowerment.
  • GNS Pakistan believes in creating sustainable business opportunities for women, promoting gender equality, and supporting local communities.
  • GNS Pakistan is also committed to maintaining core values in business operations, emphasizing utmost integrity, trust, and loyalty.

For any queries or interest in buying dates and related products, please contact us!

Gulfood 2024 - Dubai UAE

CEO TDAP Zubair Motiwala with CEO GNS Pakistan
Mr. Zubair Motiwala, CEO of Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), visited the GNS Pakistan stand at Gulfood in Dubai, UAE.
Gulfood 2024 Dubai UAE
Showcasing our products at Gulfood in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), held from 19th to 23rd February 2024. We are thankful to all visitors who visited our stand at the event and showed their keen interest in our dates and related products.
Hall: Za'abeel Hall 6 Stand: Z6-G65


Mr. Muhammad Ashraf, the Consul General of Pakistan in Sydney, and Minister (Trade & Investment) for Australia, New Zealand and Fiji with Abdul Qayoom Memon CEO-GNS Pakistan at FoodAg2023 Karachi-Pakistan
Mr. Muhammad Ashraf, the Consul General of Pakistan in Sydney, and Minister (Trade & Investment) for Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji with Abdul Qayoom Memon CEO-GNS Pakistan at FoodAg2023 Karachi-Pakistan


Fine Food Show 2022 Sydney Australia
GNS Pakistan showcasing in Fine Food Event (5-8 September 2022) in Sydney Australia

5-8 SEPTEMBER 2022
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

International Food & Drink Event

Participated in IFE London. UK’s leading event for food and drink professionals!

IFE-2022 London UK
GNS Pakistan Team at their Stand in IFE-2022 London UK held on 21-23 March 2022
Exhabitor at International Food & Drink Event London UK
21-23 March 2022 | ExCeL London UK

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Dates Factory Site:
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